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BM5 series hydraulic motor

field of market demand: High-altitude vehicles, small crawler excavators, drilling rigs, floor sweepers, snowplows, car carriers, hydraulic winches, oil pipe clamps, injection molding machines, mold adjusting machines, rotary arm vehicles, electric drive hubs for aerial vehicles, etc.;
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Characteristic features

· BM5 motor is a disc valve type gerolor motor.
· Advanced design in disc distribution ff ow, which can provide iMProved performance at  low speed.
· Advanced design of shaft seal, which can bear higher pressure.
· Advanced distribution mechanism design, which has the automatic coMPensation  function.
· Double-rolling bearing design, which permit higher radial loads.
· A variety of connection types of ff ange, output shaft and oil port.

Main Specification

1. Intermittent means the entrance of the maximum pressure; continuous working pressure means the differential pressure.
2. Motor should not work under the highest pressure and the maximum speed.
3. The running time should not exceed 10% under intermittent working conditions.
4. Recommending N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil, viscosity 37-73cSt, cleanliness.  ISO18/13.
5. The Maximum working teMPerature is 80 ℃。
6. One hour running time under 40% of maximum working pressure is recommended before full capacity working.
7. The maximum allowable back pressure is 10MPa, but the recommended back  pressure should not exceed 5MPa.a leaking pipes is needed when exceeding.