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BMW Series Orbit Hydraulic Motor

field of market demand: High-altitude vehicles, small crawler excavators, drilling rigs, floor sweepers, snowplows, car carriers, hydraulic winches, oil pipe clamps, injection molding machines, mold adjusting machines, rotary arm vehicles, electric drive hubs for aerial vehicles, etc.;
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BMW series orbit hydraulic motor is an advanced hydraulic motor with valve-rotor oildistribution structure. This series hydraulic motor has the advantages of high workingpressure, good stability at low speed, high working efficiency and long working life. Thepressure compensation balance plate can make the motor keep high working efficiencyunder low flow rate and high pressure, and keep running well.During startup, the pressurecauses the balance plate to bend toward the rotor, greatly improving the volume efficiency.When the working pressure is reached, the balance plate relaxes and the rotor realizes freerotation, which translates into higher mechanical efficiency.

Main Specification

Characteristic features

Valve-rotor oil distribution design provides reliable and efficient oil distributionand reduces the overall length of the motor.Pressure compensated balance plates provide high volumetric efficiency at lowflow rates and high pressures.
Adopt four bearing structure, bearing axial and radial load capacity is strong, candirectly drive the working mechanism.Bearings are designed with oil bath lubrication for better durability and longerservice life under heavy loads.
High pressure oil seals provide superior seal performance and service life withoutthe need for additional drain linesAccording to the requirements of customers can provide a variety of flange.output shaft, oil port and other variant design.